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Send reminder email & convert quotation into confirm sale orders.

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Website Sale Reminder

Website Sale Reminder

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Convert quotation into confirm sale order.

Re-engage your customers with remarketing reminder emails.

With billions of dollar of shopping left in virtual shopping baskets as a quotation each year, cart abandonment is an infuriating reminder of revenue that might have been made.

The customer has spent time browsing your site, has carefully selected items that have taken their fancy but - for one reason or another - he or she has abandoned ship at the critical point. Crazy right?

Unfortunately cart abandonment is probably here to stay: it’s just symptomatic of the way some people browse and shop. Research shows that the average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate is 68.63%.

But it isn’t all doom and gloom! If you’re an online retailer the great news is that with this Website Sale Reminder module icaps is helping bridge that gap to help you win more sale by converting those quotation to confirm sales.

What a winning cart abandonment email looks like. The template is highly customizable to your required look and feel.

Template includes shopping cart products with hyperlink for easy navigation and checkout.

Timing is essential

Research has shown that timing is critical when it comes to successfully recovering sales lost through cart abandonment.

With icaps Website Sale Reminder module, you will have peace of mind simply because this module allows you to configure when and at what time of the day you want to send this email reminder. This module is designed to send one reminder only.

Icaps can help customize the mail template, contact us to know more about services that we offer.